We BUY Raleigh Junk Cars for CASH!


Sell Your Junk Car for Cash

Sell Your Junk Car for Cash

IF you live in or near the Raleigh NC area – we want to tow your junk cars for cash!  Got an old Raleigh junk car wasting space in your side yard? Want to to change that Raleigh wrecked car into FAST CASH?  Simply just call us, let us know what type of car it is and schedule us to show up!  We’ll give you a quote ahead of time so you know simply how much cash for your Raleigh junk car you’re going to get. We’ll drag the old eyesore out of your yard and leave you with a handful of cash for your Raleigh junk cars!  It’s that easy – and that fast. We can take your call and deliver you cash in the SAME DAY!  Get in touch with RaleighJunkCars.com for the best prices and quickest service when you want cash for Raleigh junk vehicles!


Got an old clunker wasting room in your Raleigh yard? Still spending money on insurance on a vehicle that you can’t even fire up? Let us have your Raleigh junk cars for cash today! Give us a fast call, let us know a little bit more about your junk car – is it running, can it be towed – we’ll give you the greatest rates available. With Raleigh junk cars – cash is the name of the game and we’re equipped to pay you now for your old, wrecked, damaged, or just unwanted Raleigh junk car. In cash. Today!

Money for My Car

Switch that trash into cash TODAY!  Best prices paid off in cash for Raleigh junk cars. And we’re ready to pay you in cash today.  Have an old car in the Raleigh NC area that is just using space? Starting to be a bit of an eyesore? Let us pay you cash for your Raleigh junk car, wrecked car, damaged car or just an old auto that has just been around too long. Cash in your palm today!

Selling a Junk Car in Raleigh NC

Interested in trading your Raleigh junk car for cash? We are the organization to call up. If you want to sell a Raleigh junk car, you need to call a neighborhood small business that is familiar with the region and knows the current market to get you the greatest possible rate for your junk cars. Any place in the Raleigh NC area, we are the business that is going to spend the best cash for junk cars. Old, wrecked, working or not, we’ll give you the greatest price on your junk car or truck.
Serving Raleigh, Durham and surrounding NC areas.

Sell your junk car today - we're buying!