Sell your wrecked car for CASH!

Sell your wrecked car for CASH!

I Buy Raleigh Junk Cars

People call us to buy Raleigh junk cars on a daily basis.  Folks purchase new cars (or at least new USED cars) and come to a decision they’ll get far more if they sell off the old car by themselves. Needless to say they want to sell the old car at some point in the not to distant future. And thirty days turns into a few months. A couple of months turns into a 12 months or more and now you’ve got an old car out in the yard that won’t ever start again, the battery is flat out useless, and it smells bizarre inside.  The tires are all flat and about the only thing left to do is to phone somebody to do a car pickup on it. Then pull it back to the garage just to get it running once again.

Is it seriously worth it?

I buy Raleigh junk cars DAY in and day OUT! Working or not. Let us tow your Raleigh junk car for cash to you!

Sell Raleigh Junk Car

Interested in selling your Raleigh junk car for cash? We are the company to call. If you want to sell a Raleigh junk car, you need to call a local company that knows the area and knows the market to get you the best possible price when you sell a Raleigh junk car. Anywhere in the Raleigh, Durham, or anywhere in the RTP Triangle area, we are the company that going to pay the best cash when you are selling junk cars. Old, wrecked, working or not, we’ll give you the best price to sell your junk vehicle.

We BUY Raleigh Junk Cars for CASH!

IF you live around the Raleigh, Durham or RTP Triangle NC area – we want to tow your junk cars for cash! Got something old and wasting space in your sideyard? Want to to turn that wrecked car into FAST CASH? Simply call us, let us know what kind of vehicle it is and schedule us to come out! We’ll give you a quote ahead of time so you know how much cash for your car you’re going to get. We’ll drag the old eyesore out of your yard and leave you with a handful of cash for your Raleigh junk car! It’s that simple – and that quick. We usually can talk to you and bring you cash in the SAME DAY! Call for the best prices and fastest service when you want cash for junk vehicles in Raleigh!